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Oxford Wheels of Gory your local roller derby team

By Cait Sweeney at

Oxford Wheels of Gory are a local roller derby team training twice a week in Abingdon and Wheatley. For those who don’t know much about roller derby; the sport’s origins are linked back to American endurance races from as early as 1884. However the sport really came to the spotlight in the late 1940s when it debuted on New York television. Since then popularity has slowly grown and there are now over 70 teams in the UK!

This exciting, still relatively young, sport is full contact and fast paced. Four blockers from each team try and play defence and offence to get their point scorer through the opposing pack. For every opposing player the point scorer passes, they collect one point. A full jam lasts two minutes and a full game consists of two 30 minute scrims.

If this has got your competitive juices flowing then why don’t you come along to Oxford Wheels of Gory’s home game on Sunday 16th September at The Park Sports Centre in Holton, Wheatley. The day starts with a rookie game, The Bayside Kelly Kapowskis vs Sunnydale Slayers, these a

re made up of rookie skaters from all over the UK, coming together to form two teams to battle it out to be crowned Back to School Champs.

The rookie game will be followed by the home team, Oxford Wheels of Gory, taking on Severn Roller Torrent (a local team from Gloucestershire).

There will be a great atmosphere on the day with all four teams fighting it out to win their respective games. There will be cake, there is always cake at derby games! We will have people on hand to explain the finer details if you’re keen on hearing more about it.

We’re also very excited to announce we will he having a roller derby taster afternoon on Sunday 7th October. You’ll be taught how to skate (and fall!) safely, learn basics of derby and even have a go yourself, albeit off skates, in a game of sock derby! (Just as it sounds: derby in socks, not on skates)

This is a great opportunity to get involved in an exciting sport. If you want to challenge yourself, get fit, and be part of a team we’re the perfect roller derby league for you!

When – Sunday 7th October 2018
Start time – 12:30 arrival for kit up
Finish – 4:00pm
Where – Parks Sport Centre, Wheatley
Who – Anyone aged 18 +

The taster will be followed by a six week course with sessions running every Tuesday 7-9pm starting on 16th October. The course will cover all the basics of skating and introduce you to the sport. Once the course is complete you’ll be able to join the league and begin your journey to kicking ass on track with your new team mates. (Our main training sessions are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.)

Oxford Wheels of Gory – search for us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and get in contact @wheelsofgory.
Or visit:

Stand out from the crowd, be part of our pack. #gutsandgory