A Colourful Caribbean Cooking Experience, waiting for you!

By Cait Sweeney at

Have you ever dreamt of cooking some scrumptious Caribbean food? Love Jerk Chicken, or Ackee rice and Salt Fish, but not sure where to start? How would you like to learn how to make some tasty homemade Caribbean dishes, from recipes passed down through generations?

As part of the September ‘Come on Board’; A Celebration of the Windrush Generation on Blackbird Leys, Relish, a local social enterprise has been talking with residents to discover there’s an appetite to learn how to cook Caribbean. Relish are offering to organize workshops/courses through these hot summer months, which will feed into with the grand finale celebration: ‘All on Board’ We’re excited to already have people signing up, ready to take the plunge.

To make this opportunity possible, we are looking for passionate Caribbean cooks who would love to share their delicious recipes, cooking tips and even cultural stories from the Caribbean. We are seeking funding to cover the cost of ingredients, equipment and other essentials. Relish would welcome anyone to join in this cooking adventure.

By gathering around the cooking pot together, there’s much to learn while we grow some great local connections.
Does this sound like edible fun? Ready to come on board? We would love to hear from you; as a local wanting to learn to make some great Caribbean food, or a keen Caribbean cook, happy to share a favourite family dish.

For more information or if you’re ready to get involved just email relishcommunity@gmail.com or call Christine 07914395619. Look forward to hearing from you.

Relish is a new social enterprise, created to support and initiate food related work in and around Oxford. It has emerged from 7 years community food work experience, working with a broad range of groups and organizations across the city.

We exist to build skills and knowledge in nutrition and cooking, where learning is an adventure. Participants build confidence and discover the joy of developing interests and abilities in cooking and nutrition, while communities are strengthened and grow.

Visit: https://www.relishcommunity.com/