Food Power comes to Oxford

By Sarah Edwards

Food Power comes to Oxford. Have you ever worried about being able to afford healthy food, skipped a meal because of money issues, or gone without? Your help is needed to develop our work on access to good food in Oxford.

This year, Good Food Oxford is bringing together a confidential group of twelve people to discuss food access and food poverty in Oxford and develop ideas for projects that could help support people in Oxford to eat well every day.

The group will meet six times through the year and will visit projects around the UK which are tackling the issue head on. Expenses will be covered for travel and childcare and meals will be provided, thanks to support from Food Power which is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and Church Action on Poverty.

You will develop supportive collaborative relationships with people in the group, have your voice heard (anonymously if you would prefer that), and you may even build new skills.

Please get in touch with Seb at Good Food Oxford, if you would like to talk about this further – you can also apply with a friend or buddy and your interest will be treated confidentially.

Seb can be contacted on 07341 911456 or at