Join the Mischief Makers in Oxfordshire Libraries this summer for an epic adventure in Beanotown!

By Sarah Edwards

Get ready for mischief and mayhem in our FREE reading challenge at your local library! What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

The summer reading challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. You can sign up at your local library, then read 6 library books of your choice to complete the challenge. There are exclusive gifts to collect along the way and it’s free.

From 14th July to 15th September children across Oxfordshire including Blackbird Leys and Temple Cowley Libraries, can join the Mischief Makers for the Summer Reading Challenge 2018. Explore a map of Beanotown to find the mysterious buried treasure and become ultimate mischief makers…Dennis, Gnasher and friends will help you solve clues and collect stickers, having lots of fun and adventures along the way!

Read at least six library books of your choice over the summer holidays. As you read, you will collect stickers to help solve the clues and find the treasure. Complete the challenge and get your own Beano wristband, medal and certificate.

Bananaman says “There will be fantastic new books and activities at the library throughout
the summer holidays and there’s a website to add to the fun too”

This is a great way of getting children and young people interested in reading, books can make you laugh and take you on adventures to places you have never been before and see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Psst… adults can get involved too. Look out for the “Oxfordshire Reads” postcards to enter a prize draw

Cowley News and Leys News editor Cait Sweeney said “Reading is one of my favourite pastimes, there’s nothing better than spending a day with my nose buried in a good book it’s like having a mini holiday and I find I learn things without realising I have!”