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Free family badminton classes at Leys Pool and Leisure Centre

By John Charlton

Fusion Lifestyle has teamed up with Badminton England to launch new family badminton classes in a bid to get families fit together.

‘No Strings’ is a weekly ‘turn up and play’ Badminton session for adults and their families, now available at Fusion’s Leys Pools and Ferry Leisure Centres. The sessions will be taking place alongside family swimming and junior gym sessions.

According to behavioural psychologist, Dr. Simon Moore, one of the biggest problems we face in our tech-driven lives is losing connection with others around us, adding “this isolation can have a serious impact on our long term physical and mental health. Spending more time on virtual interaction can cause a disconnection from real world relationships, such as those with our families”.

With three quarters of parents polled also saying they would love to find more activities for the whole family to do together, family-fitness experts at Fusion are building on their range of family friendly activities on offer.

Chris Jones, Head of Sports and Community, Fusion said: “Childhood inactivity is a real problem and we recognise that families want to do more together. We’re responding to this by developing more activities that people of all ages can get together and play. These new badminton sessions are the first of many family activities to come”

Councillor Linda Smith, Deputy Leader of Oxford City Council, said: “These family badminton sessions are another great reason for families to visit our leisure facilities when they want to spend some quality together. In can be hard to tear kids away from their electronic devices and get them active, especially in the midst of winter, but our leisure facilities in Oxford are a great family friendly destination with a wide variety of activities on offer for all ages.”

To help families get started, up until the end of March, Fusion is offering a free trial for families.