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Aspire Oxford launches Big Christmas Lunch appeal

By John Charlton

Oxford charity Aspire Oxford is launching a brand new winter appeal to make sure that the community’s most disadvantaged people all have a place at the table this Christmas.

Christmas is usually a time of celebration and joy, but there are hundreds of people across our community facing Christmas alone. They may be homeless, unemployed, in recovery or single parents living in poverty. Aspire supports these people all year round, and this Christmas want to ensure that they all have a place at the table.

On Thursday 14th December, Aspire will be holding a Big Christmas Lunch in partnership with Oxford Homeless Project, Camerados and Rose Hill Regeneration Project for 150 homeless and disadvantaged people.

This lunch will provide a hot meal, much needed company and a Christmas gift. Crucially, it will also give everyone who comes to the lunch access to the longer-term, specialist support needed to address the root causes of poverty and disadvantage and help build a brighter future.

Aspire is aiming to raise £8,000 to fund both the lunch itself and longer term support, through an online appeal and events where members of the public can donate by card readers donated by iZettle. These readers will ensure that people can make instant donations to the appeal. Food will be provided by Mid-Counties Co-operative in Rose Hill and the event has been sponsored by Unipart.

To find out more about the Place at the Table appeal or to make a donation please visit