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Oxford Food Bank to host free Christmas Day meal

By John Charlton

The Oxford Food Bank will be organising a Christmas lunch on December 25 at the King’s Centre in Osney Mead. The traditional Christmas meal will be cooked by volunteers with food that would otherwise have been wasted. The Food bank invites anyone and everyone who would like to attend and take part in the principle of sharing a meal.

The organisers hope to make this year’s meal even better, with more entertainment and facilities. Individuals and families are welcome and there will be transport for everyone, including wheelchair users, to collect and take people back to their homes.

Oxford Food Bank is a registered charity which aims to reduce food waste in the Oxford area and to reduce food poverty within the local community.

Oxford Food Bank collects good quality fresh food from local supermarkets and wholesalers and delivers it for free to over 80 registered charities in the Oxford area. For every £1 they receive in donations they deliver around £20 worth of fruit, vegetables, bread and dairy products. That amounts to well over £1 million worth of food a year.

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