Leys CDI Project needs new members

By Richard Chidwick at

The Leys CDI Clockhouse based on the Long Ground, Blackbird Leys wants more people to make use of the facilities.

Adrian Turner has been working as a volunteer at the Clockhouse for years, and is worried about the future of some of the groups that are run there.

Adrian said: “The CDI in Blackbird Leys really needs more members of groups like the Friendlies and SLIGO the gardening group to come along and get involved. If people don’t turn up to groups there is a risk that people who want to get involved, won’t be able to.”

Dawn Williams, from the Clockhouse added: “We support members to tackle isolation, boost health and wellbeing, develop new skills and interests and live life to the full. We offer a wide range of activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Singing, Monday Social, Art Group, IT and SLIGO our gardening group and if anyone is interested in joining then they should give us a call. We have new activities coming soon, such as a Walking Group and Book Club.”

Due to falling members of certain groups, staff, and group coordinators are looking for ways to generate new membership for this vital community project. The Clockhouse brings together local over-50’s to create a positive impact on the local community.

For more information call 01865 395908 or Email: clockhousecdi@btconnect.com