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New app delivers the best sustainably sourced food

By Richard Chidwick at

The Fair Food Forager Team, an Australian business, has located its UK hub in Oxford because of the quality of local food and the existing network of producers.

Fair Food Forager is an app that can be accessed on mobile phones to find local food outlets that are sustainable businesses.

Paul Hellier, Founder of Fair Food Forager said: “It’s about making those values such as ethical eat-ing an easy decision to make. So users can quickly find the nearest place, support a business that is trying to be better, and then have an impact with where they spend their money.”

The location-based service gives information to consumers about how a food provider scores in 13 categories which cover food waste, plastic waste, sourcing local produce, and sourcing sustainably without animal cruelty. They also have an icon indicating businesses with homemade products, fair work and charitable practices. Their aim is to make it easy for people to support businesses which are better for the environment, animals, and people.

This innovative new app lists cafes, restaurants, producers, grocers, and caterers.
The startup was founded in October 2015 by Paul Hellier in Australia, with a vision to change the way the world eats by making ethical easy. Now with around 1,200 listings in eight countries, the app is free to download on Android and iTunes stores.

Fair Food Forager is a registered B Corp. Which is the equivalent of ‘fair trade’ in the business sec-tor. In order to qualify, the company had to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

The company is looking forward to expanding in the UK, and are looking for businesses to sign up. As well as foodies keen to suggest their favourite haunts and support businesses doing better for the world.

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