Oxford conference on youth crime and preventing reoffending

By John Charlton

Beyond the Label is a half-day conference aimed at young people, parents and professionals seeking to address the causes of entrenched criminal activity by exploring how the community can create better opportunities for young people and challenge stereotypes. It aims to bring people together to learn from one another, to highlight issues and explore opportunities to respond to those issues.

The conference will be held at Leys CDI, Blackbird Leys Community Centre, Blackbird Leys Road, Oxford OX4 6HW
A fundraising lunch will be provided by Leys CDI which will cost £10. Payment for the lunch will be taken on the day of the conference.

Booking is essential and this can be done at: Blackbird Leys Library or Leys CDI in person or by emailing: Shazia.Abbas@abingdon-witney.ac.uk or Leyscdi@btinternet.com for more information about the event please contact Sasha East on 0738 7108 486

Beyond the Label Conference: 14 June