Charity People

Parish Council award grants to local community groups

By John Charlton

Seven local community groups received grants from the Blackbird Leys Parish Council to help them run their projects.

Representatives from all the groups had to submit a detailed application form and make a five minute presentation to the Parish Council to explain the benefits to the community of their projects.

Grants were awarded to the following community groups:
Leys Information Technology Zone
MY OX4 Lifeline
The Leys CDI
Oxford Polish Association
Friday Bingo Group
Oxford Blackbirds Football Club

Parish Chairman Gordon Roper said: “We try to help as many local groups as we can and are pleased to be able to award the grants to these great projects. However with our own budgets being reduced it is going to be difficult in the future to help all these organisations.”

The grants are awarded in January and June each year and those applying need to complete an application form.

For further details and an application form email