Campaign to raise awareness of NHS crisis in Oxford

By Richard Chidwick at

A campaign to raise awareness of the current NHS crisis was held in Oxford.

The campaign received lots of signatures and support from people in Oxford, with members of the Oxford Labour Party explaining why the NHS is facing a funding crisis with hospitals, GP surgeries and social care ‘dangerously overstretched’.

A Labour Party Spokesman who was at the campaign said: “Just a few weeks ago we were warned the social care sector was on the verge of ‘tipping point’. One in four patients are waiting a week or more to see their GP, or not getting an appointment at all, and thousands of patients are waiting hours in A&E and hospital trolleys.”

“The crisis is of this Government’s own making and it’s up to Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt to take action. The Tories promised during the last election they’d properly fund our NHS. This is yet another example of Tory broken promises. By taking Labour’s message to the public through our growing membership, we are trying to highlight Labour’s growing concerns regarding NHS funding.

“Labour will end health service privatisation and bring services into a secure, publicly-provided NHS. We will integrate the NHS and social care for older and disabled people, funding dignity across the board and ensure parity for mental health services.”

Labour has held national campaign days on rail fairs, the NHS and grammar schools. We will be holding campaign days every month on a variety of issues that affect everyday people”

Photos courtesy of the Oxford and District Labour Party.