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Get involved with Barracks Lane Community Garden Project

By John Charlton

Trustees of the Barracks Lane Community Garden are inviting members of the public to a review and planning meeting to focus on how people would like to do see the garden develop in 2017 and beyond.

Barracks Lane Community Garden is a beautiful green space and eco building at the heart of a vibrant community in Oxford. The garden is used for visiting, holding private functions and attending the many events and activities that are held throughout the year.
The Garden Project has charitable status and is run by members of the local community who volunteer their time and expertise.

The meeting will look at a number of issues including what physical improvements need to be made to the garden which will benefit all visitors. How to generate enough income to meet the core costs of running the garden now and in the future. How to keep running the events programme, deliver existing projects and plan for new ones. How to improve communications and outreach. How to support and improve the volunteer programme and also improve governance

Input is welcome from everyone and the trustees would welcome any ideas, thoughts, comment or suggestions. The deadline is 17 January 2017.

Email: Tel: 07729 655543