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Science fitness sessions the key to keeping a healthy body and mind

By Richard Chidwick at

An innovative gym studio has been set up on on Stockmore street in between Iffley and Cowley Road, Oxford.

Kevin Elevardo set up the gym around a year ago that includes all the latest equipment and technology for all fitness requirements to get healthy, lose weight or tone up at his fitness studio.

Kevin runs the gym himself and is a former boxer and fitness fanatic. His pursuit to help get people fit led him to secure this impressive gym where he runs his “Science Fitness” studio.

Having taken part in a couple of sessions myself I really understood how to keep fitter and live a healthier lifestyle. It only took me a couple of sessions to realise where I was going wrong in my bid to lose weight.

Kevin said: “I did boxing from the age of 13 stopped at 20 and started working in commercial gyms all round the country. I was always taught how train people and I was disappointed people did not know what to do at the gym to get fit. I also work with people with disabilities and with people who need care.”

He added: “I could get people who weren’t physically able to get fit. I learned all about the body parts and found it really interesting looking at the bone and muscle insertions. I started training people up in Headington, and met a lot of my early clients from working at a fruit and veg store in the Covered Market.”

Said Eid who is a former kick boxer and regular gym goer said: “I’ve been to different gyms but this one is quite close and offers one on one training. I started kick boxing when I was 13 when I dislocated my shoulder and at the age of 32 I started doing Mui Thai. There are too many egos in many commercial gyms and you don’t get that here.”
Opening hours
• Monday – Friday 7am to 9pm
• Saturday’s 7am to 1pm
• Sunday closed. subject to change to open!

For more information call Kevin Elverado on 07402906100