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Bracklesham Bay greeted by Sparky’s Flying Circus

By Richard Chidwick at

Oxford’s Sparky’s Flying Circus’ Spree by The Sea kicked off at the Pond Barn Bar and Restaurant, Bracklesham with Cosmosis playing a spell binding set, with support from Porker, Blue Fish, Ras Brother John, The Clapton Brothers and Savannah Hack.

The excellent Savannah, aged 12, started off the night, in the sort of fashion that put the other bands on the back foot with her excellent singing. She was also joined by her father to accompany her on the later cover tracks.

She said she finds talent shows like X Factor on TV enjoyable to watch and she watches them regu-larly for inspiration in her music.

Cosmosis have been on tour in Wales recently, and have a good amount of upcoming gigs, and an album out now, which sounds really professional. I feel that Cosmosis are on the verge on some-thing bigger with their original sound really capturing the crowd on the night.

Cosmosis front man Dave said: “It did go well and it was nice to play in front of these people. We played a tune called Major Tom, an ode to David Bowie. “

“I wannabe free open my door and let me out.” This is Ras Brother John’s poetic lyric which he re-cited to me post performance which typified the night at Sparky’s Spree by the sea, a night for free thinking and dancing to the sounds and rhythm of Brother John, with the effervescent Sparky and host for the evening on the form of his career.

The Clapton Brothers also played covers from various bands with some interesting and effective use of slide guitar in the Rolling Stones Cover Wild Horses.

Adam Clapton said: “Yeah the gig was fun, I love The Rolling Stones, I love music”

Jason Satchelli fronted a two piece band, Blue Fish with excellent covers from Blur, reminding eve-ryone of their eclectic range of tuneage. And all the while Sparky who took this motley crew on tour was always keen to introduce the next act smoothly.

Jason from Blue Fish said: “I think Blur were better than Oasis, what we are writing is in a similar genre, although we’ve got different influences, they also played a cover of Genesis, my creative side is grunge based, I like Pearl Jam and Nirvana for example.”

Paul from Porker also filled in with some excellent guitar playing really wowing the audience with his distinctive chord patterns. The night was a real success.